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How to Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid- Video Tutorial

how to dye yarn with kool-aid kids tutorial by royalty stitches

We are back with a new video tutorial for you! We have been enjoying dyeing our yarn lately and thought we would make a video for you on how the process works.

Enjoy the video below and make sure you ask an adult for help with this one.

Supplies you’ll need:
• Some animal fiber yarn (wool, alpaca, mohair, etc) – this is the yarn we used. (affiliate link)
• Small envelopes of Kool-Aid for the colors you’d like to dye. (Don’t use sugar!)
• Heat safe metal bowl or pot
• Water
• Spoon
• Gloves to keep hands from getting dyed
• Gentle wool wash to rinse out excess dye in your yarn- we use this wool wash. (affiliate link)

  • Note: If you want darker or more vibrant colors you will need to use more Kool-Aid.

Have fun, experiment and let us know in the comments in you enjoyed this tutorial by kids for kids!

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